EVE Online Tutorial: Exploration & Probing

A tutorial on how to find hidden asteroid belts, gas clouds, complexes, combat and data sites.

Scams in EVE

You see them all the time in Jita or Amarr, players advertising some ISK casino or fool proof plan to turn a low amount of ISK to hundreds of millions if not billions.  Keep reading….

 The contract scam

The most common scams are falsely advertised sales contracts. The scammer claims in local chat that they want to sell, say, one PLEX—that’s 30 days of game time—for 1.5 million, but the actual contract charges 1.5 billion. Even bolder scams not only tweak the price, but attempt to trick careless buyers into giving away two PLEX for one, or buying the wrong item. A Gnosis is ship worth about 75 million ISK on the market. A gneiss is a rock.



These low-effort, inelegant scams are easy to avoid. It’s a good idea in life and EVE to read contracts carefully before signing them. The same goes for “give me all your stuff and I’ll let you join GoonWaffe!” That’s not how you join the Goon’s corporation.

There’s another type of Jita scam, however, that’s much more fun. It’s a game of trust and lies, where both scammer and victim try to come out ahead. I’m a gambler, and while the plan was to lose money intentionally, I started to wonder if I might turn a profit. Initially, I did.

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EVE Online: Planetary Interaction Tutorial

This is the original CCP tutorial on planet management


EVE For Billionaires: Episode 5 – Dynamic Spreadsheeting Part 2

Using the EVE-Online API and google docs to create dynamic spreadsheets.

EVE For Billionaires: Episode 4 – Dynamic Spreadsheeting Part 1

Using the EVE-Online API to create dynamic spreadsheets

EVE For Billionaires: Episode 3 – Planetary Interaction Part 2

Tutorial on building a multi-planet colony to create enriched uranium.

 Multi-Planet Setup: Recap

  1. Identify high profit materials by available planet type
  2. Setup 2:1 ratio extraction planets
  3. Combine into commodities on a dedicated industry planet
  4. Expand with additional extraction planets to create a full 5-planet setup

Planet 1 (Barren)

Extract Noble Metals
Process into Precious Metals

Planet 2 (Lava, Ice, Plasma)

Extract Heavy Metals
Process into Toxic Metals

Planet 3 (any)

Process into Enriched Uranium

EVE For Billionaires: Episode 2 – Planetary Interaction Part 1

HINT: You will need to have Industrial Ship skills and a large hauler
Planetary Interaction Overview:

  • Routine but short daily maintence
  • Low entrance skills  requirement (400k sp)
  • Low skill cap (3m sp)
  • Revenue 1b per month @ skill cap

Planetary Interaction Skills:

  • Command Center Upgrades
  • Interplanetary Consolidation
  • Planetology
  • Planet Management (additional skill)

Planetary Interaction Basics:

  • 8 planet types (Gas, Ice, Storm, Barren, Temperate, Lava, Oceanic, Plasma, Shattered)
  • 15 total base materails
  • 5 materials per planet
  • materials processed into commodities
  • commodities further processed into POS, T2 production components, and other market items

Planetary Interaction Basics: Colony Infrastructure

  • Command Center
  • Extractors & Extraction Heads
  • Processors /  Factories
  • Storage & Spaceports (Customs Office)

Planetary Interactions Basics: Command Center Planetary Launch

  • Limited storage capacity
  • High cost / 30 minute cooldown
  • Inefficient when compared to spaceport
  • Storage & Spaceports (Customs Office)

Planetary Interactions Basics: Customs Office / Spaceport

  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Low cost / no cooldown
  • Tax specified by owner (if POCP)
  • More efficient than traditional launches

Video shows a tutorial of making coolants, how to


EVE For Billionaires: Episode 1 – Margin Trading Basics

HINT:  You will need to get your trade skills up to have success with this.  Buying a few Plex cards then selling them can give you the ISK to instantly jump in the market and grow your bank account.


EVE Attack-Tank Guide

EVE combat logs only show how much damage you have taken but not what type of damage.  The below list was created by users who used mods to become more resistant to weapons types attacks.

Enemy ———— Tank for ——- Hit them with

Angels Cartel ——- Exp/Kin ——– Exp
Blood Raiders —— EM/Therm ——- EM
Drones ———— Omni ———– EM
Guristas Pirates —- Kin/Therm ——- Kin
Mercenaries ——– Omni ——— Therm
Mordu’s Legion —– Kin/Therm ——- Kin
Sansha’s Nation —- EM/Therm ——- EM
Serpentis ———- Kin/Therm ——- Kin
Amarr ————- EM/Therm — Em/Therm
Caldari ———— Kin/Therm — Kin/Therm
Gallente ———– Kin/Therm —– Therm
Minmatar ———- Exp/Kin ——- Therm

Rat Guide
BS + Frigates – Kill BS only
BS + Cruiser – Kill BS only
cruiser – no kill , chaining in progress
frigates – no kill , chaining in progress
Cruiser + Cruiser – kill all for BS spawn
Cruiser + Frigtes – kill all for BS spawn

* Kill all with every spawns to higher the chance for spawning of officer and hauler

Make Millions in EVE with arbitrage

Arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of price difference between two different markets.  In EVE online there are 5 major market hubs:

  1. Jita, super trade hub – The Forge region, Caldari
  2. Amarr, major trade hub – Domain region, Amarr
  3. Rens, major trade hub – Heimatar region, Minmatar
  4. Dodixie, major trade hub – Sinq Laison region, Gallente
  5. Hek, major trade hub – Metropolis region, Minmatar

Arbitrage Trading in EVE-Online can be undertaken even without leaving the station.  The arbitrageur simply buys items at a low price and sells them at a higher price to make a profit.  By setting up courier contracts, so that others do the required hauling for you between trade hubs.  Of course the arbitrageur can also haul the items themselves to maximize profits, though face some risk traveling though low sec space.

The principle of arbitrage trading is to “buy low and sell high” and this is accomplished using the advance trade tab in Eve Online.

Here is a simple example of buying and selling Tritanium, the most comon mineral in eve:

In the Market screen, Tritanium is selling at this station for 6.00 ISK and being bought in the system for 5.20 ISK.

Next I click the PLACE BUY ORDER Button, and click the Advance >> button to show the advance options

In this example I will buy one million units of Tritanium at 5.20 ISK

Now ill wait for the order to be fulfilled and sell the one million units for 6.33 ISK or higher at this station, or transport it to another market hub and sell it for even higher and make a nice profit from from market arbitrage